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let´s start the Wandel!

Magic Island Festival - Divjaka Albania


WHY? Because We believe in a sustainable world,
where blockchain technology helps us to achieve our social goals;

where we can dance

have fun

be ourselves 

and watch out for others

 and our environment

We do our best & we hope to inspire you to join us at this journey. 

We care about the future of this planet, a fair wage for artists, a recognition for visionaries  and a decentralised monetary system to solve social, economical and ecological issues of the world-

One step at a time ….

… is the only way we’ll sustainably become sustainable and use technology for the right cause but..  we’re on the right path. 

Crossing a long bridge, slowly arriving at our green haven up ahead with innovations far from present  imaginations. Inviting you to cross the bridge with us. Let’s be the change, let’s make a difference, let’s inform ourselves and others and let’s have an insanely good time while doing it. 

.: Let’s cross this bridge and many more to come! :.

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WunderWandel Albania 2022

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