How a simple garden party inspired a festival.

It all started in the famous Grätzl Rudolfsheim. 

Hidden behind the walls of a beautiful old building in the heart of the 15th district lays a secret garden, that’s been filled with laughter and lights for many years now. 

Though the gatherings weren’t public, Clemens and Kamilla welcomed every new face that wandered in. Every guest they ever hosted, was charmed and delighted and slowly an idea began to flourish. 

First the decorations were expanded, the garden turned into a sea of lights, mirrors, upcycled everything and it’s safe to say the crowds went wild. 

No-one could’ve anticipated having a bouncer would be protocol. 

New and experienced DJs from Vienna came to play their never before heard tunes and WunderWandel’s name was no longer unheard of.    Dream bigger, right? Host, grander? Create a safe space of fun and magic?  Why not a festival? There was no counter-argument. WunderWandel Festival was born.