WunderWandel in a nutsshell:

  • WunderWandel is a cultural non-profit organization based in Vienna. We support and promote creative and talented newcomer artists by offering and providing them a stage. 
  • We firmly believe that, small, extraordinary events can achieve economical balance. 
  • We know that, our guests act more consciously once they have information about everyday unsustainable practices.
  • We’ve witnessed that, it is possible to achieve a real change towards social & ecological sustainability through positive reinforcement of sustainable actions. 


  • We stand for personal growth. The first step is the most important. Closely followed by the next.
  • We value respect , reliability, responsibility, honesty and vitally important: fun.
  • We start the change by organizing events, workshops, workshop-fests in and around Vienna, as well as the WunderWandel Festival in Albania. 
  • … and meanwhile keeping our guests and also ourselves informed, how to care more.