wunderwandel festival in Albania 2022 is on it's way!

14-19. September, 2022

new location, 1h from tirana/ Durres I 

in the middle of nature secluded on an island I

 We’re taking over food and bar I 

& we put last year´s experience and feedback into action.

We use the NFT technology to contribute to artworks!

are you in? 



Artist Application

Volunteer Application

If you believe in our cause and want to be part of our Wandel, we’d be thrilled to receive your application! 
Come share your artistry with us or join as a volunteer. 

We’re ready if you are. 

After Albania 2021 we’re back at it! We’ve come together again, went location scouting, and are excited to take you along on the new journey of WunderWandel. 

Close your eyes, let us take you by the hand and lead you to yet another magical getaway. It’s time to leave your troubles, doubts and obligations behind and come together to dance on sunlight beaches and breathe in the salt-water air. 

Be blinded by the beauty of sunsets and your bodies moved by the magical tunes our artists have in store for you. Take a break when your feet tire and listen to incredible De-Talx like Crypto & NFT debates, take part in a workshop or fuel your body with nourishing foods. 

WunderWandel Albania 2021 was our first step towards eco-friendly partying and we’re taking it further in 2022. It’s a never-ending process that won’t happen over night, but it’s our vision, we refuse to let out of our sight. 

We are the Wandel that is going to make Wunder happen and we’d be delighted to have you join us!