how to get to the festival:

We all have one goal

to feel the sand between our toes
and to start dancing like nobody’s watching.

This year we really want to put our focus on every aspect of sustainability at a festival.

The way you travel here not only plays a major, but even the biggest role.

Travelling to Albania more ecofriendly is challenging and adventurous, but not impossible.

So let's start the change by  not   traveling by plane

There are many ways to NOT fly. The best one is to go by bus.

Together with the Worldtrash.Foundation we are very happy to offer you an comfortable, relaxing and very special busride with the „PENNY BUS“  more infos

So what are the options though? We’ve listed them down below just for you. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us! 

The (Penny) BUS

The most environmentally friendly way to get here with a good price/performance/effort ratio is definitely the bus. And we spare no effort to make it as tasty as possible for you. Organizing this bus is quite challenging, but we will make it happen. Here are some facts: Penny Bus 


One option is to take a train to Bari (Italy) and from there the ferry to Albania. We have tested this possibility for you.

More infos soon.

If you come by car by yourself, you wont save any CO2 compared to flying. The more people sharing a car, the better. This is why we will provide you a rideshare platform soon.



And yes. For those of you who are up to the full adventure, we would offer an bike ride to the festival.

More infos soon.

In case,  time or other circumstances require you to fly after all. We’ll be offering a one-time shuttle on the 14th of September. 
Leaving at 3:00 p.m from Tirana to Divjaka. 
The shuttle back to Tirana we’ll be leaving on the 20th at 9:00 a.m. 


Be part of the CHANGE! Be part of the WUNDER!

ps: until then, check out these amazing pics from our adventure trip to the festival location –

 48hrs of new experiences, which we would never had, on a plane