We came for the change.

Respect. Diversity. Sustainability. Appreciation. Fun.
while #dancingwithasmileonyourface


WunderWandel is an organization based in Vienna which strives to achieve equality and freedom without boarders by organizing international music and cultural events in different locations within Europe. We are putting all of our efforts into being part of the change towards eco-friendly partying and raising awareness about the environmental impact we’ve had thus far! Don’t worry, we weren’t aware for the longest time either.  

Not only are we organizing music events and dance the night away, but also will offer workshops around the year on topics like awareness, sustainability and culture. 


We focus on giving young artists, who believe in the same values as we do, the chance to network. In order to do so, we are building a shared space (done June 22) to be used by these young talents to be. 

This space provides a sound studio with all the equipment you need for producing music. As you might know, getting the equipment is one of the most expensive barriers for someone, who just started to make tunes.


Many dances have been danced in gardens, underground, inside and out. We celebrate, dance, laugh and come together as part of a movement of eco-consciousness, respect, inclusivity, light and love. 

We want to set an example and show the world how it can be done. It sure is possible to dance and have a fun party, while being sustainable and  treat each other with respect in a relaxed atmosphere

WunderWandel’s heart belongs to Vienna and all of it’s available resources to create eco-friendly events. Together we can be the Wandel (the change) that makes Wunder (wonders) happen.