TENT / Camper

Bring your own tent or Camper Van, we’ve got breathtaking sunsets and the sand part covered! 

Of course you’ll also have access to lavatories and showers – no, we don’t just mean the ocean. 

If you get cold, sit by the fire and if you’re hungry – bring a marshmallow or two :*







As the name says: basic – but still has everything you will need!

You will have: 

1 double bed and 1 bunk bed for 4 persons, an extra single bed if the room is for 5 persons.

Kitchenette and air condition make the stay more comfy and an amazing view to the forest or sea included, as well as a bathroom aaaand wait for it: a spacious balcony!

/// silent zone ///

Is it nice? Yes. In the main hotel? Yes. Amazing view? Also Yes.

Hm, what else..

These rooms are for 2 -4 people, with the combination of double/single beds & sofa beds sometimes with, sometimes without a balcony – let us surprise you.. Also being fast pays off as always 😉

air condition, small fridge, bathroom and safe

oh, and did we say, this is the main hotel, and you are directly at the restaurant as well as at the start of the festival area? Go for it!

Same Same as above, but different, as

you have space for up to 6 lovely Wunderpersons and there is a lovely living room to chill until things get real – or after (you know what I mean 😉 

Some new info: in total 2 rooms, 1 double bed, 2 single beds, 2 sofas

You will have air condition, small fridge, bathroom and safe, 

there is also a nice balcony with a breathtaking view to the sea. 




oh wow that looks fancy, right? 

it´s for 2 wunderpersons super comfy #highlife, for the 4 of you it’s still working though. 

You will have a King Sized bed,  2 sofas, beautiful and big  bathroom, fridge, TV, Air condition.  

Amazing forest and sea view, with or without balcony, you choose! 

located in the main hotel, close to everything important at the festival – a great choice.